The road of initiative and judgement

It is now three days until my departure and I am being bombarded with the usual, natural, concerned questions from my friends and loved ones about the readiness of my adventure.

Am I ready? Am I prepared? Am I organised?

In all honesty, no.

But I challenge all lateral thinkers to ponder whether this is a problem or not. I personally believe that organisation can never be a healthy substitute for initiative and judgement. All of which are ‘in the moment’ skills. I agree there are some necessary preparations that need to be made like jabs and insurance, but beyond that there isn’t much more I can plan or organise for.

I am going into the unknown, into the oblivion that is the unforeseen world around me.

Initiative combined with judgement is the key when it comes to travelling. Its how you react to the unknown. I could not possibly be able to prepare for situations that I have no comprehension of. Every bend and twist in the journey is an unwritten line and every moment of uncertainty, a chapter not yet conceived.

I will be on my toes most of the time but I have to admit, not all of it will be so edge of the seat. I will find myself enthralled and made captive by some of the more relaxing places. A prisoner to my laid back nature and the surrounding absence of any form of activity. I will be torn from these spots by the ever nearing departure from Managua, Nicaragua and it will remain my golden fleece for my weeks out there. And thankfully so, as I have a life to return back to. As much as I would like to remain a wandering soul.

And with not much more to say (for a change), I step onto the long road of mystery and open myself up to the journey ahead.

~ The Road ~

From here on in the blog will take a new course. It will serve the purpose of a travel journal, to myself, my friends, family and whoever else is interested. My normal practise of scribbling away in my moleskin notebook will help me to paint an accurate picture of what I get up to. I hope I have the opportunities to update the site as much as I would like.

I’d like to thank you all for you patience with me thus far and hope you enjoy the ride as I use my initiative and judgement to navigate Central America.

Bon voyage and adieu.

– U.Mirza