Day 3

We awoke at 7am on Sunday morning. The sun had risen over the Atlantic and was glaring furiously through our porch windows.

We adjusted to the affront of heat and light and the contrast of the view in comparison to the night before, which was spent watching a grand show, put on by nature itself. A relentless storm far off in the distance, lit up the sky in flashes of wonder. Reds and oranges sparked from the dark, arching down to the waters below. We sat in awe and hoped it wouldn’t become Coastal.

It didn’t.

Thank god.

We had one last meal in the local luncheria we had grown to love and then headed down to the ferry. Arriving in Cancun we got a collectivo into the bus station, 6 pesos in comparison to the 40 that the taxi touts were offering!

The bus to Tulum took 3 hours but it flew past. My theme tune was the best of Led Zepplin along with a healthy sprinkling of Weezer and it kept me duly entertained.

Tulum on arrival looks like a dusty truck stop.

This one is for mum.

A front for the white sand, wind swept beaches east of the main road. We hunted for a good place to stay and rested upon an amazing cabana built in a complex in what seems to be a small jungle. I write this from the hammock in front of our little hut and I must say, the sounds of the night here make it a serene and peaceful place. A good spot to recover from the swimming we partook in this afternoon in the warm sea.

The beach itself was beautiful, but what sets it apart from the rest is the looming Mayan ruin atop a cliff at the end of the spit of sand. A glorious and daunting structure that needs to be explored tomorrow!

I must take my leave as the adventure continues.