Day 4

I seem to be a delicacy as I find my legs have been bitten to shit. But hey ho, plenty to be getting on with today. We’ve rented some snorkelling gear and some trusty bikes (with semi-operational brakes). It was a 3km ride out of town to Grand Cenote, a fresh water underwater cavern. After the dusty ride, the luke warm water was refreshing and the views of the cave underwater were spectacular. It was home to a whole host of fish along with an elusive and dainty turtle which I followed around for a while after a long search! My underwater camera had a whale of a time (get it?!), taking some amazing shots of the flora and fauna, including an array of bats that whirled above us when we came up for air. Being the adventurous types, we swam below some rocks into further caverns which proved exhilarating, finding our own secluded grottos after every dive. Our legs began to tire so we headed back to regroup, grab some lunch and for me to dress the infected bug bite on my foot. I hope it doesn’t worsen.


Entry part dos. I went to a pharmacy. They gave me antibiotics. I think. It didn’t stop us going to check out the ruins at the top of the cliff. Very touristy so we got our snaps and returned to the beach. The afternoon was spent lazing away in hammocks with dinner and a final pack before the long trip into Belize tomorrow!!!

I upload this as I have wifi and don’t know when I will have it next!! No pics as there’s no computer to upload them to, but I will update when I get a chance.

Buenas dias Mehico.

Whats crackalackin Belize?!