A year in reflection and a look into the future

Last year was a good year.

I managed to travel across Central America, I did two trips into Europe and had two mini adventures in the UK driving to Land’s End and the Scottish Highlands.

The Highlands drive was an attempt to get over my travelling blues. Thankfully it did have an impact. Although I must admit, there are some stubborn remnants of the depression well within my mind.

'What a way to loose this walking blues' - Paul Simon

As for my philosophical journey into charity, I have been actively researching ways in which I can help. I finally got to the conclusion that helping others, may be selfish in a way, as I am sceptical about altruism, but if it helps then there can’t be much wrong with it?

Something that is close to my heart has been medical assistance to underprivileged communities. This lead me to a locally run charity, building a hospital in Pakistan and I have now taken the place as one of it’s trustees. You can find further details about this at www.azmat.org.

Please donate if you can and who knows what karma will bring your way in the future.

Busy at work in Sukhor District, Pakistan. Completion of hospital should be the end of 2012.

So a look ahead at this year. In travels, in thought and in charity. My main focus this year is to build my business in order for me to do more travelling in the future. I plan to have an active involvement in this charity, which I will document and hopefully inspire others to gain a personal link to a charity of their own.

As for me wandering the earth like Kane in Kung-fu, I wish to do some travelling in Morocco this year. Do some more of Europe and finish the year off with a long stint in Pakistan. Hopefully helping with the charity and doing some poking around in the country of my roots.

I will also be applying for the Mongol Rally in July. This will be for the 2013 rally and ties in my love for travel, adventure and newfound affinity to helping people. The Rally begins in the UK and finishes in the capital of Mongolia, Ulaan Bataar. The drive is 10,000 miles and takes you through deserts, over mountains and into some of the more dangerous regions of the globe. Each participating car must raise a certain amount for the charity of their choice along with the sponsored Mongol charity and give away the car at the end of the race.

A once in a lifetime experience and I hope you will all support me in the various hurdles I must overcome on the way!

It’s been a pleasure so far, this blog has been running nearly a year now, and I hope it continues to your enjoyment over the coming year.

I trust your festivities went well over the break and your minds eye is set to the year ahead and the world of possibilities that it contains.


– U.Mirza