Spring begins and the sun sets

I’ve always been told that late afternoons are perfect for good photographs. The setting sun ensures a good balance of shadows and just enough light.

But it is a brief window.

You need to pick a location that has plenty to shoot in a small area so you don’t spend too much time walking between destinations. To get the most out of this window it is good to be up somewhere high and exposed. So for my spring photographs I chose a common in Buckinghamshire near the small village of Watlington.

As we arrived, the sun was already swooping low beneath the brim of trees by our side as we wound our way up a narrow country road. The red kites were making the most of the dying light and were out in force, scouring the area for food.

The common itself is a bleak windswept field on top of a ridge, overlooking a large part of Oxfordshire. The views are stunning and best captured at this time. We had about an hour before it became too dark to shoot.

Here are the shots taken, along with a couple I took at home once it had actually become dark!

Thanks go out to Rif and Sham. A photography team to be reckoned with.

I’m off to Morocco soon and will be documenting the trip closely so there will be plenty more posts to come!!


– U.Mirza