Morocco: The Blooper Reel

After most holidays, you need to take an afternoon to sort through the ocean of photographs, cutting the good shots from the fray. You end up with a collection of really good memories, beautifully framed shots and a pictorial storyline of your trip.

What about those few photographs that don’t make the cut? The bloopers which make you laugh but are quickly forgotten once you have the shots you want. Lying dormant in a subfolder on your external hardrive, at the bottom of your bookshelf, collecting dust.

This is my tribute to those few photographs which made it through the humorous selection process. With such depressing weather during what should be a sunny season in England, here are those shots from Morocco that should cheer you up!

A curious gentlemen who had his hand up his Jalaab…

Rif trying to overcome his fear of snakes by trying to intimidate a wooden one.

This man was obviously of some importance. People were kissing his hand in the street. Definitely on the Jedi Counsel.

What a pose. I have no idea what came over him.

Some didn’t drink their mint tea in the morning.

Sheba. For sure.

Just hangin’ out.

The asian Where’s Wally.

Anubis’ new gangster rap video preview. Rockin’ the Underworld with street jams.

It’s meditation o’clock in the Bedouin tent.

Need for steed.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s an accountant!

Riffi inspecting a suspect stain on his train blanket….

These aren’t the camels your looking for…

Rif freaking out.

Me, freaking out.

Our own attempt at tying the traditional Toureg head scarf….

Yes. It’s me in a vest. This one is especially for Danny to cheer him up during revision. Enjoy.

And finally….why not to try and take photographs of yourself.

Next time your sifting through snaps, please don’t disregard some of the bloopers in your collection.

Embrace them.

– U.Mirza