Broaden your travel horizons

The internet is saturated with deals for the travel needy. It is abundant with enticing pictures, incentivised pricing and packaged goodness. Transfers included. Resorts with classes. All inclusive. Bright signs with wonderfully sandy backdrops and balcony views overlooking promenades littered with dimmed lights against darkening seas.

But is all that comes on a plate necessarily beneficial. It’s nice to eat out sometimes. Let someone do the cooking. Serve it up, no gravy on your mash. Just how you like it. It is a meal which you have had very little input into. You may enjoy it, but that sense of achievement is non-existant.

A week away on a Greek island where you don’t have to lift a finger.

Well for some of you this might be just the ticket, but for those of you who would experience that not-quite-satisfied-ness, read on.

When it comes to travel, to really experience it, to enjoy it, to savour it, you must go beyond the prepared meal style packaged holiday.

You need to become the cook, the farmer and even the hunter. Do not be satisfied with your pre-rolled pasta. Grow the wheat. Find the mill. Grind the flour.

Next time you have an urge to travel, try something new, broaden your travel horizon.

Maybe start small, book the flight and hotel yourself. Search for your hotel and check reviews using good tools such as TripAdvisor. These will give you the confidence to take the first steps into travel freedom. The next hurdle may be to book a week away and not book a hotel at all. The amount of hotels you find online is an extremely small representation of the actual numbers of hotels in any one area. Some with better prices, real advice and a friendly atmosphere waiting to be discovered.

Also think about maybe choosing a different location. Somewhere the hoards haven’t trampled to death yet. Untouched, unexplored, all to yourself.

This is just the beginning. Once you get a taste of independent travel, you will soon realise the addiction that comes so readily. Each day in a new chapter, each flight takes you on an untold adventure and the best part is that it’s all your making.

The master of your own destiny.

Exploring way beyond the horizon, into the unknown and forward into new experiences.

– U.Mirza

P.S. For those of you who are regulars, yes the site has changed. I think it needed a little bit of a freshen up. I hope you like it!