Mongol Rally: Festival of Slow 2012

Last weekend I had the privilege of being part of the media team at the Mongol Rally launch as a volunteer. Tasked with photography and taking social media snaps, my stomach grumbled with a need for early morning food and excitement as I trundled off the motorway and onto windy country lanes on my way to the Goodwood Racetrack.

Arriving at a very quiet track, I parked in the designated area and went across to meet the Mongol Rally media team for a debrief before the hordes of rallyers made their way over from the camp site.

We were given drop back times during the day to perform photograph dumps, key times and areas to capture events and then set loose as the first rabble of brightly decorated and stickered cars crept into the paddocks, followed by ominous clouds and spots of heavy rain.

For those of you who are unaware what the Mongol Rally entails, well…

The Rally takes teams from the starting lines in the U.K. and The Czech Republic, all the way to Ulaan Bataar in Mongolia. There is no defined route. There are no support vehicles. Stupidity and irresponsibleness are both promoted. But it is also a massive charity fundraiser. Each team has a specific target to hit in terms of raising money for charity and the combined total now stands well over £2 million. The journey goes through towns, cities, deserts, oceans and mountains. Anything can happen but that is the point. I will hopefully be a on the Rally next year and preparations have already begun, so keep watching this space.

The day was a success nonetheless and here are a few of the shots from the days events and some of the interesting teams I had the pleasure of meeting on the way!

And so they were off. 4 weeks of adventure.

I just can’t wait until it’s my turn. The sign up this week, so once it all goes through expect a barrage of Rally related posts!!

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– U.Mirza