Islamabad: Up to Monal

I am visiting the country of my ancestors. The Motherland. The Big P. Set between Afghanistan, India, Iran and China, Pakistan was created in 1947 as an independent muslim country. The meaning behind the name of the nation can be translated as ‘Land of the Pure’ and is a diverse and beautiful country. Fraught with the dangers of  political instability, strong military influence and a teetering relationship with the west, the country is desperately trying to upheave itself from its current 3rd world status.

I landed in Islamabad, hit by a smell that took me back to my last visit. A shaky 12 year old tentatively walking out of Lahore airport with my rucksack. It was the same scene, albeit in a different city this time and maybe not as shaky. The sun was setting over the throng of people and cars outside the airport. I took a deep breath, grabbed onto my rucksack straps and stepped forward. Plunging myself into a sea of culture.

This set of photographs was taken on my second day in the country, where we took a trip up into the Marghalla hills north of the grid like city, Islamabad. We drove up through the winding roads to Monal, high in the hills, with excellent views, a good barbecue lunch and monkey watch on the side of the road!

In the run up to my friend’s wedding I will be taking some small trips away from Islamabad to Lahore and up to Murrey. Photographs will be uploaded!