The haggle, the barter and the bargain

Bargaining, haggling or bartering. What ever you call it, it is most definitely a fine art. The subtleties of behaviour, the momentary expressions and the lop sided stares. They all make up part… Continue reading


‚Č° ‘When slumber seals our weary eyes, The busy fancy wakeful keeps, The scenes which then before us rise, Prove something in us never sleeps.’ -John Newton I dream. I am a dreamer.… Continue reading

Midnight in the snow

So it finally snowed. Those light whispy specs of pale dust fell through the night and the next morning we were all transported to a winter wonderland. There is something about snow that… Continue reading

Central America: 2 months in 3 minutes

I have finally had the time to compile some of the video footage from the trip into a short clip. Machu Picchu by The Strokes was an easy choice of music as the… Continue reading

An insight into why we travel.

Travel began it’s humble beginnings as a necessity. Groups of Homo sapiens would wander from natural resource to natural resource in order to survive. But I’m talking about the¬†leisurely activity of travelling, of… Continue reading

A year in reflection and a look into the future

Last year was a good year. I managed to travel across Central America, I did two trips into Europe and had two mini adventures in the UK driving to Land’s End and the… Continue reading

Travelling Blues: The Untold Truth

I returned home to a loving and welcoming family. My head felt fuzzy from the long journey across the large expanse of water, locally known as ‘the pond’. I met with my friends… Continue reading

Central America in 100 Photographs

Here are some of my favourite shots from the trip. Take a glance. -U.Mirza

Homeward bound

Our bags were packed. They wouldn’t be open again until we were back home. Now that’s an interesting concept. Home. Some say home is where the heart is and after 2 months of… Continue reading

Isla Ometepe

The walk to the bus stop was hard in Granada’s heat. The smells of the market were a benchmark for the town as we trudged along the main road in search of the… Continue reading