Granada – the opposition

My elbow rests on the windowsill as I peer over at the continuous snake-like yellow line that divides the lanes of the Panamerican Hyway. I look up and through a break in the… Continue reading

Nic your agua: Managua, briefly and Leon

King Quality was serf quality at best. My legs were cramped and the only solace was the well padded reclining seat. The journey daunted me. 15 hours in a bus. Great. Fantastic. Brilliant.… Continue reading

Antigua and Lago de Atitlan

The boat ride down the coast woke me up in the best possible way. The sea breeze rushing across my face, the sun warming my skin and the view of the coastline stretching… Continue reading

Rio Dulce and Livingston

We awoke at 9, packed and ready. After a quick trip to the local store for some chocomilk and chilled cappuccinos, we waited for our 9.30am bus to Rio Dulce. At 10am, we… Continue reading

Flores and Tikal

Our boat left at 8.30am. It was raining and I felt like I had left family. It was a sombre affair. Caye Caulker blues. But all good things must come to an end.… Continue reading

Day….I’m losing count and this island isn’t helping.

We awoke early and had our usual breakfast of pancakes and coffee. Our route was decided last minute, as usual. There was a bus and direct boat to Caye Caulker in Belize, from… Continue reading

Day 4

I seem to be a delicacy as I find my legs have been bitten to shit. But hey ho, plenty to be getting on with today. We’ve rented some snorkelling gear and some… Continue reading

Day 3

We awoke at 7am on Sunday morning. The sun had risen over the Atlantic and was glaring furiously through our porch windows. We adjusted to the affront of heat and light and the… Continue reading

Day 1-2

It’s 10am local time and we are 4428 miles from our stop over in Miami. Just our luck, we are leaving behind a sunny 19•c London. Although the 34•c we will be arriving… Continue reading

The road of initiative and judgement

It is now three days until my departure and I am being bombarded with the usual, natural, concerned questions from my friends and loved ones about the readiness of my adventure. Am I… Continue reading