The hour draws late, my old friend beckons and dangers await.

The night grows darker as the overcast sky steals the moon from my view. I can not seem to sleep. Anxiety and excitement bellow like a cacophony in my mind. Conflicting feelings battling for dominance… Continue reading

A backpackers guide to packing your backpack.

I have managed to coerce myself into publishing a slightly more practical post. When dealing with the issue of packing a backpack, one should pay due diligence to the fact the said backpack, will contain… Continue reading

Dreaming with consequence.

The wind rushing through my hair as I ease the throttle of my 100cc scooter. Making my way through a village, young children in my wake with paper planes and half eaten fruit… Continue reading

In search of…

In search of something worthy of my time, I have turned my attentions to the world wide web, trawling through a plethora of pages, pictures and links. To no avail. Perturbed by pop-ups and… Continue reading


I have spent much thought and anguish in defining and explaining my views of charity and karma. I feel my scepticism has kept me questioning my own views. Challenging them effectively, sometimes to… Continue reading

If I were given the task of writing a dictionary definition….

Karma [kahr-muh] -noun 1. The sun was especially fierce. Beating down on the surface of the sea in a barrage of rays. Refracting off the waves, the dull green of the water came to life… Continue reading

A tumble, a twist and a trip.

I stare up at the circular opening of light above my prison. The walls are dark, odourless, void of anything my senses can comprehend. I can recall the fall. A tumble, a twist… Continue reading

The bench, a cat and a coffee.

And so I find myself sitting on a bench overlooking the town I have lived in for much of my recent existence (as a human). Its a small metal bench, nothing fancy. Theres… Continue reading