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Broaden your travel horizons

The internet is saturated with deals for the travel needy. It is abundant with enticing pictures, incentivised pricing and packaged goodness. Transfers included. Resorts with classes. All inclusive. Bright signs with wonderfully sandy… Continue reading

Travel Well: Health

I’m off to Morocco this week and I realised I was getting all my clothes and electronics packed but there was a serious ingredient missing from my list. Good health. Fortunately, whether it is from… Continue reading


≡ ‘When slumber seals our weary eyes, The busy fancy wakeful keeps, The scenes which then before us rise, Prove something in us never sleeps.’ -John Newton I dream. I am a dreamer.… Continue reading

An insight into why we travel.

Travel began it’s humble beginnings as a necessity. Groups of Homo sapiens would wander from natural resource to natural resource in order to survive. But I’m talking about the leisurely activity of travelling, of… Continue reading

A year in reflection and a look into the future

Last year was a good year. I managed to travel across Central America, I did two trips into Europe and had two mini adventures in the UK driving to Land’s End and the… Continue reading

The hour draws late, my old friend beckons and dangers await.

The night grows darker as the overcast sky steals the moon from my view. I can not seem to sleep. Anxiety and excitement bellow like a cacophony in my mind. Conflicting feelings battling for dominance… Continue reading

Dreaming with consequence.

The wind rushing through my hair as I ease the throttle of my 100cc scooter. Making my way through a village, young children in my wake with paper planes and half eaten fruit… Continue reading

In search of…

In search of something worthy of my time, I have turned my attentions to the world wide web, trawling through a plethora of pages, pictures and links. To no avail. Perturbed by pop-ups and… Continue reading


I have spent much thought and anguish in defining and explaining my views of charity and karma. I feel my scepticism has kept me questioning my own views. Challenging them effectively, sometimes to… Continue reading

If I were given the task of writing a dictionary definition….

Karma [kahr-muh] -noun 1. The sun was especially fierce. Beating down on the surface of the sea in a barrage of rays. Refracting off the waves, the dull green of the water came to life… Continue reading