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We planned to leave relatively early. But as always with plans in Pakistan, they very rarely run to their proposed schedule. We met in the afternoon along the busy side carriage of the main road… Continue reading

Murree, Nathia Gali and Bhurban in Pakistan

I had the opportunity whilst in Pakistan, to explore north of the capital into the hills overlooking Kashmir, the contested lands under the protection of artillery and the jaw dropping back drop of… Continue reading

Alto Research in Pakistan

Here is a post I made on our Mongol Rally website about a few research operations I carried out over in Pakistan whilst I was there. I’m also currently sorting through the maelstrom… Continue reading

Islamabad: Up to Monal

I am visiting the country of my ancestors. The Motherland. The Big P. Set between Afghanistan, India, Iran and China, Pakistan was created in 1947 as an independent muslim country. The meaning behind the name of… Continue reading

Morocco: The Blooper Reel

After most holidays, you need to take an afternoon to sort through the ocean of photographs, cutting the good shots from the fray. You end up with a collection of really good memories,… Continue reading

Fes (or Fez)

Spelt Fes or Fez, the city was originally actually called Fas and formed part of a split settlement across the Jawhar river. Hailed as the cultural and Islamic capital of Morocco as well… Continue reading

Tangier to Chefchaouen

Considering we were in a sweltering 4 bunk cabin with an elderly Mohammed beneath us continuously attempting to clear his throat, sleep endured till dawn. I awoke feeling like the wrong end of… Continue reading

Spring begins and the sun sets

I’ve always been told that late afternoons are perfect for good photographs. The setting sun ensures a good balance of shadows and just enough light. But it is a brief window. You need… Continue reading


≡ ‘When slumber seals our weary eyes, The busy fancy wakeful keeps, The scenes which then before us rise, Prove something in us never sleeps.’ -John Newton I dream. I am a dreamer.… Continue reading

An insight into why we travel.

Travel began it’s humble beginnings as a necessity. Groups of Homo sapiens would wander from natural resource to natural resource in order to survive. But I’m talking about the leisurely activity of travelling, of… Continue reading