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Introducing….Team Paint it Yak

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front but I promise you, it hasn’t been in vain. I’ve been branding and creating the media for our Mongol Rally team and I’m happy… Continue reading

Fes (or Fez)

Spelt Fes or Fez, the city was originally actually called Fas and formed part of a split settlement across the Jawhar river. Hailed as the cultural and Islamic capital of Morocco as well… Continue reading

Travel Well: Health

I’m off to Morocco this week and I realised I was getting all my clothes and electronics packed but there was a serious¬†ingredient¬†missing from my list. Good health. Fortunately, whether it is from… Continue reading

The haggle, the barter and the bargain

Bargaining, haggling or bartering. What ever you call it, it is most definitely a fine art. The subtleties of behaviour, the momentary expressions and the lop sided stares. They all make up part… Continue reading